College Prep Students Go Farr

Cameron Brigham, Writer

Many students ranging from sophomore to senior year have realized the importance of the all seeing eye that is college recruiters and have looked to a quite forward thinking RHS teacher, Ms. Farr, to give them an opportunity to showcase their best qualities.

Ms. Farr has taken it upon herself to give these students a chance to get their names in the face of every college that they desire to apply to and point out why these students should be selected to attend that institution.  A project based around the concept of branding.

They did this through the use of the online software,  Adobe Spark Illustrator, and narrated their motivation and passions through a very confident yet humbling way, giving recognition to those in their lives that have been a great support.

In a video that lasts only a few minutes, these students manage to  showcase everything it is that makes them unique.  This comes fully equipped with pictures, family, and narration explaining every photo, so as to leave no confusion that the recruiters have found their best choice.

In an interview,  student and participator Jordan Reese said,”I got to discover more about myself, and how people view me,” Students give thanks to Ms. Farr for assisting them in creating a future full of opportunities.

Branding is a tool that her students now sees as vital in order to set themselves apart from their peers and give them an edge.

Here is an example of a branding video produced by student Jesse Guajardo.