3 Main Actors, 2 Great Movies

Chandler Guthrie, Writer

Men In Black

Here’s a worthwhile late 90s throwback film worth your time.  Men In Black is an underrated movie that came out in 1997 and was ahead of its time.  It’s a sci-fi movie starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, two great actors that together starred in a great movie.  Men In Black was about a man (played by Will Smith) becoming an agent of an unofficial government agency later called Agent J, while his partner that recruited him to join (played by Tommy Lee Jones) named Agent K. They both fight to keep the earth safe from different aliens that try to invade or cause different trouble on earth.  While doing this, they become better partners and understand more about each other.

Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge is a great movie about real events staring Andrew Garfield playing a person known as Desmond Doss (Who was born in 1919-Died 2006). Desmond Doss was a hero from World War II that was a combat medic during his time over seas.

While over seas, he saved over 75 people in one night in a place known as Hacksaw Ridge that the Americans eventually took over.

He was a man of faith and refused to kill a man and refused to carry a gun.  The only things he carried into battle was his Bible and his faith.   After his miracle achievement of saving people he was rewarded the Congressional Medal of Honor by President Harry S. Truman.  I highly recommend the movie as being one of the many heroic stories told which displayed the depth of Doss’s relentless effort and commitment to saves lives.