‘Til The Music Ends


Alexis Isom

RHS students and teachers at Spring Fling.

Alexis Isom, Staff Writer/Photographer

The wait is over. It’s time to party.

After two long years of hiatus, the Spring Fling dance came back with a bang on April 29 at NorthPlace Church planned and was hosted by church staff and members. ALE students, their families, and teachers from multiple schools in Garland ISD indulged in a variety of cuisine, music, and company.

“It was organized, it was beautiful, the kids felt like stars,” teacher Karol Aolton said. “I enjoyed it so much and I just can’t wait for the next one.”

The night kicked off with the youth members cheering as party-goers entered, as they do every year. The theme this year was “Night Of The Stars” complete with a red carpet rolled out and photographers on either side.

“My favorite part is always when they cheer when the kids come in,” teacher Jenny Millet said. “It’s the sweetest thing.”

Following the entrance, everyone sat at tables adorned with golden balloons and other flashy, gold decor, and then served with plates full of food. The college students acted as restaurant waiters, attending to everyone’s needs giving celebrity treatment.

“I thought it was pretty cool,” teacher’s aid Monika said. “I wish we had it almost every Friday.”

The main attraction of the night was the dance floor. Parents, teachers, kids, and staff all got out in the middle of the floor and danced until it was time to go home. Many also took pictures at booths.

“Kari didn’t even make it to the food,” teacher Charity Griffin said. “ She was up there dancing and jiving and having popcorn up on the floor.”

The entire night provided an environment that welcomed families, differences, and anyone willing to have a good time. It’s an experience that allows teachers to be around students and their families outside of a strictly academic environment.

“We go to this stuff not because it’s required, but because we love these kids,” teacher Stacy Haizeg said.

Next on their calendar, May 26, at Williams Stadium, the ALE classes will participate in the Special Olympics.