WONDERful Warrior

Taylor Shedd, Writer

November 25, 2018

Wonder Woman is an amazing movie that hits all the marks: it’s funny, action-packed, and full of “girl power” with a smudge of romance. Wonder Woman is about Diana, young warrior princess from the Amazons, who is suddenly thrust ...

A Thawed Expectation

Sarah Petty, Writer

November 25, 2018

Satanic subjects and political empowerment are best used to describe Netflix’s new series, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Unfortunately, the show doesn’t do well with shoving these topics down your throat. The only chil...

3 Main Actors, 2 Great Movies

Chandler Guthrie, Writer

November 25, 2018

Men In Black Here's a worthwhile late 90s throwback film worth your time.  Men In Black is an underrated movie that came out in 1997 and was ahead of its time.  It's a sci-fi movie starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, tw...