One Last Show

Lights, Camera Action. Sitting behind the curtains applying makeup, getting dressed, and rehearsing lines one last time before their final show. With the year coming to an end, RHS theatre seniors are working on one last performance to close off their years under Rowlett High School’s spotlight. Every member of the theatre company wants to go out with a bang, so choosing the best play as an homage to their years they’ve dedicated to the stage is nothing short of a quandary.

“We literally argued and we all wanted to do the same show except for two people in the cast, and we were full on yelling at them to agree to do the show everyone wanted,” senior Kendall Ganster said.

Despite the company’s quarrel these seniors are a close knit community. After four years of constant practice and performance, the drama of the stage was enough to bond the actors and theater tech alike.

“I love that we always have each other’s backs and they are just fun people to be around and see all the time, and we always laugh and hang out while doing what we love as well,” junior Arianna Rolfe said.

After weeks of back and forth deliberation it seems like the cast and crew finally decided on their last big show. 

“We’re gonna be performing Cinderella and the Glass Slipper; I enjoyed the show a lot, even though it got canceled during COVID, so I’m excited that we have another chance to do it,” senior Albert Baker said.

Leaving behind the stage is going to be a difficult process for the cast and crew. Some students are pursuing further education in theatre arts while others are leaving behind their costumes and mics for separate career paths. Regardless of how they choose to go about the next years of their lives, leaving behind the spotlight and all the friends made along the way is a tough journey for every member.

“I’m really sad to be saying goodbye to all of my friends in theatre, and I’ll always remember the time I spent working tirelessly on sets,” senior Jacob Hancock said

The auditorium will echo with the voices of every character performed on its stage. The entertaining performances from the class of 2022 will live on in memory.