Meet the Staff: Lonelle Owens


Annelyn Ochoa, Staff Writer

Get to know a little more about senior Lonelle Owens. He is a first year Eagle Media staff member, with an aspiring future and a devoted team member.

Q: Which one memory will you remember forever about your time here?

A: ¨Meeting some of my closest friends. For some, we meet in the weirdest ways or started out not liking each other at all, but now are the best of friends.¨


Q: Do you think high school is preparing you for college?

A: ¨Absolutely not. Personally, high school should be teaching us how to manage our money, pay bills, how to buy a house, and how to get a good job.¨


Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

A: ¨Hopefully working as a therapist for teenagers and kids, and being a male role model for those kids and teens.¨


Q: What is one thing you have accomplished this year that you’re proud of?

A: ¨I am proud of myself for surviving all 4 years of high school


Q: Did this year live up to your expectations? Did it fall short or exceed it?

A: ¨This year could have been better but unfortunately it fell short. Simply because of all the preparation for prom and graduation. However, it’s still not over so I still have some time to have fun.¨


Q: What is the most challenging task as a senior?

A: ¨Making sure your grades are up to par while trying to apply to colleges, as well as figuring out what you plan to do with your life has been pretty difficult this year.¨


Q: What’s your favorite school memory?

A: ¨Starting out as a freshman is my favorite memory. The very first day of freshman year everyone was terrified about whats to come, and was scrambling around to find friends and be tied to a group. It was funny to see everyone of class of 2022 act like that