Ahead of the Game

Natali Oldham, Staff writer

Getting ready to take on next season, our football players are pushing their limits in spring ball.

¨This year our big emphasis is playing together, and with everything we got,¨  junior Harris Boyd said, ¨Our new team saying ‘Die empty’ speaks to that.¨

Learning to work together and building chemistry is a big part of the sport that is needed for success.

My favorite thing about football is probably my teammates,¨ junior Jeremy Oldham said. “When you’re out there during the grueling heat, pushing your body to its limit, that’s when everyone bonds.¨

Players also put in work outside of practice to better their performance.

¨Training more than I did before and learning more about my position and fully understanding it,¨ junior James Okolo said. ¨I love the rush you feel when you make a great play and every one in the stands is cheering you on.¨

Friday, May 27, the team is putting on a spring football game showcasing all their work in off season and spring practice.

¨We are hoping for a big turn out so we can show the people of Rowlett they have something exciting to watch in the fall, as long as we stay healthy it will be a win,¨ Boyd said.