ROTC Rising Together

Alyssa Russell, Staff Writer

ROTC isn’t all about being serious all the time. They have a lot of fun, especially at the competitions.

April 9, 2022 was the last ROTC competition for the year, with Corsicana as the final stop. They had multiple teams competing and supporting each other.

“Being with my friends, we talk, we eat, we have fun, we watch the other teams compete, it’s exciting and warms my heart,sophomore Madison Love said.

At every competition they surround each other with love and support because they know how it feels to compete and maybe be a little bit nervous.

“On the way there it’s very nerve racking because you don’t know how everyones gonna do, on the way back it’s exciting and we get to eat. Being able to relax on the way back and not being very nerve racking like before,” Love said.

Coming into ROTC between the last 2-3 years everything was different because of COVID. There were a lot of com petitions and activities that were shut down because of safety cautions .

“Last year was way different from this year because of complications we had like COVID,” sophomore Ralph Jimenez said.

Throughout the past couple of years ROTC has changed a lot, many good things like being able to experience different activities  but also being safe and not so good things like restriction to be able to go places but plenty has came out of it and it’s a wonderful experience

“If somebody wants to join ROTC and is hesitating about it I would say join it. It looks good, it shows that your discipline gets you disciplined. We don’t haze really over all, you make friends with everybody there if you don’t know somebody, somebody could walk up to you and act like they know you and then they could become your best friend the next day,” Jimenez said.