Bittersweet Goodbye

Alexis Isom, Staff Writer

As we transition into the next chapter of life, we must face inescapable goodbyes.

The academic year for foreign exchange students is coming to an end, and they are preparing for their journeys back to their homes. In the middle of June, they will bid their host families and American friends a farewell, and fly back to their countries.

Coming here required learning many things, one of which was communicating in English. Learning a new language can be challenging and time consuming, but they didn’t allow this to be an obstacle.

“I think the first week was difficult, but after that, it was easy,” junior Rodrigo Pajares said. “All the people make it easier.”

Each student met a wide variety of people and made new, unforgettable friends.

“My new friends are wonderful and they’re really good people,” junior Luis Tolmos said.

One of the biggest differences noticed between the countries is the school. The size, the leniency, and the sportsThe foregin exchange students don’t get to experience school sports in their home countries, so almost all of them participated in a sport and bonded with teammates.

“I like that sports are in high school,” sophomore Artiz Romero said.

The process allowed for cultural exchanges between the different countries. The foreign exchange students both learned about things in American culture and shared bits of their culture with the people here such as music, foods, and traditions.

“You learn a lot about new places, new people, yourself,” junior Gaia Scortechini said.

Although they are ready to see their families again, they are sad to say goodbye.

“I know I’m going to miss my friends, my school, and everyone I’ve met here because I will probably never see them again,” junior Jennifer Zinz said.

So for now, good bye, adios, au revoir, arrivederci, auf wiedersehen.