Are We Safe?

Keep Schools Safe

Dara Johnson and Patricia Conway

 The lack of school safety has been a big issue in the United states. From shootings in high schools to the latest Uvalde elementary school, we can agree that these are tragedies and that there needs to be a change. 

Because of the recent school attack in Texas, RHS is more focused on enforcing safety policies.

¨I think the new guidelines like the ID are good for us because they’re able to identify if we’re from here or not,¨ sophomore Alexia Gastelum said.

The precautions are effective, but some are still unsure if we feel safe in the school setting. 

¨Nothing has happened at our school to where I don’t feel unsafe but at the same time stuff has happened like people bring guns to school and there’s already been a lot of school shootings,¨ sophomore Alyssa Russell said.  

 The debate continues that violence in schools is because of the lack of gun control in the governmental system. And in the public eye the topic of guns and the second amendment right has been a controversial subject. 

 “I think it’s [second amendment} is important, but it has a lot of issues since now we have automatic guns,” sophomore Charles Lassiter said.

When the constitution was written the guns of that day were not automatic and less impactful compared to today. The question posed, is it a valid reason to renew our gun rights?

Concerning enforcing more guidelines to keep our school environment safe, students and staff have suggestions of what they think should be implemented.

“I agree that every school should have metal detectors because we’re in the business of protecting the safety of students,”  Assistant Principal Mr. Jennings said. “ When you go to an airport, you go through multiple measures of security just to get on an airplane and fly; when you’re dealing with kids you should also have that same level of safety when protecting kids.” 

With the disasters witnessed in recent history regarding school violence, it’s important for all students, staff and community members to be knowledgeable of school safety and take the initiative to promote it. With all of our efforts, it is our hope that we will see change.