Created to Create


Senior Mya Jones flaunts the colors smeared on her hands.

There’s more.

In education, art is viewed as something students must experience at least once. Afterwards, it is a mere shadow in the rearview mirror of a student’s educational priorities, despite the numerous kids who have fallen in love with the many forms of artistic expression. There is more to an art course and its participants than what meets the eye.

When some may see a required class in the long journey that is their education, others see their future.

“I hope to start my own business in art and show what I like,” senior Karissa Walls said.

Art is a very broad subject, so there is something available for everyone’s interests and personalities.

“I have ADHD, so it lets my brain focus on just one thing,” senior Mya Jones said.

These classes allow students time to express and learn more about themselves; it’s a doorway to a more abstract area of learning.

“It’s always a nice break from what I’m doing,” junior Justin Tanner said. “You get to go to a class and build whatever you want.”

For something that several students love and put so much effort into, it is hardly acknowledged.

“I’m doing something that I enjoy,” Mya Jones said.

Numerous achievements and positive interactions have occurred throughout the school’s art program, and there has been very little said about it. Creation should be celebrated end encouraged, never ignored.

“That’s the cool part about art,” Justin Tanner said. “You can really use anything. You could put a bunch of garbage on a desk and someone could still make something cool out of it.”