You Don’t Have to Makeup These Things 


Behind the scenes of theater, the people in makeup production work frantically to do makeup before and sometimes during shows. Although the class reflects that, more goes on in makeup production than just makeup. 

“Just being in an environment where everyone’s doing the same thing so you’re able to act stupid and look stupid and test out stuff and then figure out what you’re good at, what you’re bad at, and how to improve,” senior Savannah Kreed said. 

With everyone in makeup working together in a positive environment, it’s no wonder close friendships form. 

“Meeting Trish she’s one of my best friends now and I definitely wouldn’t have met her if I didn’t have this class with her,” Kreed said. 

This closeness isn’t unique to just Savannah and Patrisha. 

“Favorite thing about this class, my bestie Matilda,” junior Beth Flemming said. “My bestie cuz if I don’t got my bestie then who am I going to talk to when I do my makeup? Who’s gonna insult me?”

Matilda seems to have a different perspective on their relationship.

“Every time we are in class we have high-class banter, of me bullying Beth,” junior Matilda Felton said.  “Beth started a quote book of things that I have said, some of them probably shouldn’t be quotes but they sure wrote them down.”

The relationships between individuals aren’t the only thing that makes the people in makeup production close. 

“I mean, there are so many random instances that make the day better,” Felton said. “We were in the new classroom for the first time and Holder was taking role and he was like ‘oh where’s Mathew?’ and I was like ‘Mathew is in the cabinet’ and that was a statement I never, none of us, ever had to make.” 

The seemingly irregular statement would soon by a regular occurrence in class. 

“Mathew is in the cabinet. And he goes into the cabinet every day. That is his spot, that is his little spot,” Felton said. “It had something in it one time and he looked genuinely disturbed. I walked in, he walked into class and was like [silence for 5 seconds] and then sat in his seat.”

These moments define makeup production, whether they are working behind the scenes or  together in the classroom, the people make makeup production.