SRD Memories


Amber Mendez, Staff Writer

Mums, HOCO, and SRD’s. This year’s homecoming looked a little different due to COVID-19. The girls had to alternate between schools for the field and performances. ”I feel like I get endless support from my friends, which is amazing but never really from my family,” junior Alexsis Komacheet said.
The End. For the closing night of the Spring Show, SRD’s are all smiles for their last performance as the 25th line. It was a sold out show making it worth the practice day in and day out. “My biggest obstacle is when we didn’t get to perform because of COVID, but it didn’t stop us completely,“ sophomore Briana Ortiz said.
Into The Wild. Leaping across the stage the SRD’s take the stage during opening night of the Spring Show on Thursday, April 15. A show jazz style they danced to the song ‘Wild’. “Whenever I’m dancing, I have a million things running through my head such as smiling, remembering my counts, pointing my toes, making sure my arms are straight and all at the same time while giving all my energy,” senior Sophia Meade said.