Outlet to Success


Having a job can be rewarding, particularly doing something with love and passion. 

Junior Tucker Baxter is a martial arts teacher for younger kids helping build confidence and find a group of friends.

“As a kid going through elementary school it wasn’t very easy making friends and that led me to become more of a loaner,” Baxter said. “Continuing through the grades it would get much worse and that led kids to single me out and target me for bullying.”

It can be pleasant when there is a different job people enjoy. With the schedule of school, it’s hard to acquire jobs that others who are no longer in school have.

“I like working at Dick’s Sporting Goods because I’m really interested in sports and since the store closes at a good time it allows me to be able to do my homework and still lets me have a social life,” junior Jack Hager said. 

Students try their hardest to find a job that will pay well and still give time for school activities.

“A part of the job that I really enjoy is the money and the discounts,” Hager said.

High schoolers aren’t  thinking about what they want to be for the rest of their lives.  They work to help out at home as a way to pay for daily necessities such as household utilities and gas in order to travel from school and work.

“It makes me feel better that my parents no longer have to pay for the things I want,” Hager said.