Watery Depths

Alexis Isom, Staff Writer

Blooming like fragrant lotus’, this team thrives in the water.

The swimming and diving teams began in 2020, while COVID was still an issue. Since then, it has gained 17 members. They practice in the morning and afternoons to stay consistent with their improvement. Between the training and the team’s determination, the program has come far.

“I would really like to share the experience of swim meets, especially the first ones of the season, because people have a whole lot of energy and the vibe is really fun,” junior Alaric Erhard said.

The sport is physically and mentally and demanding, so the effort put in must be adequate. The members practice different breathing techniques and strokes during their practices. They continue to work in order to keep prospering.

“As soon as you’re in the water, you’re fighting the water to go,” freshman Mandi Nelms said.

In addition to growing athletically, the team has grown closer to one another; they developed friendships and bonds. This is a highlight for some of the sportsmen.

“My favorite part of joining has to be the friends I’ve made. Sometimes we have parties together,” sophomore Ashley Clements said.

A member of the team, freshman Preston Rose, progressed to the State Competition. His teammates supported him and encouraged him. This contributed to both Rose’s and the team’s morale.

“It’s the only sport that I enjoy playing,” Rose said.

With their combined efforts, the team plans to continue to move forward and advance. The things that the future holds for these athletes is a mystery.

“Each and everyperson adds something to the team that helps with the program’s success,” junior Alaric Erhard said.

*Information night for GISD Swim, Dive and Water Polo teams are April 25 and May 16 at the GISD Natatorium. For more information visit the school website