Ending On A Positive Note


Annelyn Ochoa, Staff Writer

This marks the end of a full year of face-to-face school since 2019. Leaving it on a more bright note won’t hurt anyone. Two junior students shared theight thoughts nearing the end of this year.


Q: For juniors, this is most likely your first last day of school in more than two years, how do you feel?

A: ¨I´m glad to finally have a normal full year, so it´s nice now that it is almost over. ¨ Phoebe Brown


Q: What was your most memorable activity from this year?

A: ¨Getting to be in and participate in my art classes has been my most memorable activity from this year, since I didn’t get to really do it this way last year.¨ Cheyenne Samples


Q: What is one thing you learned about yourself this year?

A: ¨My passion for art and how much I really enjoy and love it is something I recently learned about myself .¨ Cheyenne Samples


Q: How did you grow as a student this year? Think about your skills, study habits, and mindset.

A: ¨I’ve learned a lot more vet skills which I did not have before. I am excited to put it into practice.¨ Phoebe Brown
A: ¨My art skills have increased a lot comparing the beginning and ending of the year.¨ Cheyenne Samples


Q: What might you do differently next year?

A: ¨To expand my creativity and explore different opportunities.¨ Cheyenne Samples


Q: What is something you accomplished this year that you are proud of?

A: ¨I got Masters on my US History STAAR and I was not expecting to get that score. Also, I have not missed a single day of school this year due to illness and have never been late.¨ Phoebe Brown