¡ Viva La Mexico !

Ms. Roma Buendia explains the history behind Cinco De Mayo and what it means to her.


Also known as the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, Cinco De Mayo is a day where Mexicans unite to celebrate a Mexican victory over France. On May 5, 1862, French troops stormed the Mexican City of Heroica Puebla De Zaragoza to bring it under French rule. This day was a decision made by the current president of that time, Mexico Benito Juárez, as a day of remembrance, sacrifice, and triumph.

Our school also has its very own way to celebrate this special occasion.

Mexican American junior Guliana Mendez is the president of the Hispanic and Latinos Association.

“We play games and we have activities and events that are targeted to include students of different Hispanic cultures and join them together as a group,” Medez said.

The goal of the association is to unite.

“Bring different subcultures of the Hispanic variety together to be able to be a little community here at RHS,” Mendez explained. “Me and a few of my other friends were just talking about wanting to join a club that was focused on Hispanic culture but then realized there wasn’t one so we created the club.”

The moments they share are favorites.

“The dress up days or the first couple meetings we played a lot of loteria and seeing everyone win and get pretty excited was fun,” Mendez said. “If you want to have a sense of community and you’re part of the Hispanic culture it’s just an after school activity to embrace who you are.”