Coronavirus Continued Damage


Charles Lassiter, Staff Writer

The start of a new school year and the promise of a return to normalcy has led to many believing that the negative effects of COVID-19 on students’ lives to be over, but this unfortunately may not be the case.

During the start of 2020 a new and deadly virus known as COVID-19 swept across the world bringing isolation and despair to many. And even with the introduction of the vaccine numerous people are still feeling the effects of corona virus to this day. A large majority of teens have lost some of the most important years of their lives to quarantine, and as a result the start of school has been very beneficial for most students.

“I have definitely been halted on my progress,” sophomore Andrew Cassy said. “I’ve definitely seen more progress since school started and I’m gonna learn a lot this year.”

This advancement seen within the student body is expected, and overwhelmingly positive as those who may have missed out on face-to-face learning can now enjoy a regular high school experience 

Though this progression may tragically be halted by a resurgence of COVID-19 since the social distancing precautions that kept the spread of the virus to a minimum have become impossible to enforce due to the large influx of students.

“It kinda worries me. I try to distance myself, but if it’s inevitable like I’m in a crowd I can’t get away. But I still try to be separate,” sophomore Dana Vargas said.

This want and inability to social distance is felt by more than it would seem, but without online schooling options these students are forced into a corner and made to work in environments they are not comfortable with. Though not everyone feels the same about being around people again.

“I’m glad to see people cause I miss school, like being around people,” freshman Itzy Ulibarri said.

As stated before many have lost a lot in the past years and are ready to finally begin their high school experience. But with the impossibility of proper social distancing, and the large number of students present in school, a resurgence of the corona virus seems almost inevitable. And with the negative effects quarantine has had on numerous students the future can look rather bleak.

Despite the dire circumstances many face in this time of crisis and the uncertainty of the future there is still progress being made and problems being solved. Most schools are functioning properly and are still taking precautions to minimize the threat of COVID-19. The introduction of the vaccine has also contributed greatly to the stopping of the virus and its spread. And the continued efforts of teachers, staff and students to effectively combat COVID-19 in schools will help bring an end to the pandemic once and for all. As long as precautions, and actions to combat the virus are taken the future may actually be rather better than one might imagine.