Bringing the Hype


Alexis Isom and Aiyana Newcomb

The cadence in the background gets the crowd on their feet and moving. It’s the Mighty Eagle Band bringing the beat to pep rallies, games and hallway Walks of Fame.

Like other spirit groups, they are more than just entertainment for students, they are a part of the Rowlett community.

“My favorite part of band is the environment, the family; and the music too,” senior Joshua Calderon said.

Preparing for performances can be difficult and overwhelming but they work through it to give an amazing experience.

“They’re (practices) usually stressful and a lot of people get confused while trying to figure out where they’re supposed to be, but they’re fun,” said sophomore Shins Bailey.

Once the band gets their halftime show down they can relax and pump up the energy during games.

“Band really can bring a lot of spirit to school because it’s a good way to encourage the football players and the crowd to have fun; it’s good to encourage the people around you,” freshman Ryan Perez said.

Spirit groups on campus promote school pride until it’s overflowing.

“I feel like other than the cheerleaders and the SRDs, we really bring a lot of the school spirit to the games,” said junior Ryan Lira.