A Found Family


Aiyana Newcomb, Writer

The Gay Strait Alliance (GSA) is an important place for many students; and as the club grows so do their plans. They elected officers to focus on certain club aspects.

March 25 GSA elected people to fill roles in the growing club; three keepers, three people for camera crew, a secretary, and a historian. As GSA finds its footing they want to become more involved with the school.

“We’re hoping we can expand our members and do things for the entire student body and not just us,” GSA President, River said. 

The president is not the only one looking twords GSA’S future.

“I think GSA will be involved in the school moving forward by giving more students a place to feel comfortable if they’re not out or making new friends,” sophomore Aj said.

No matter what attracts students to their cause, GSA hopes to have peers more involved. 

“The secretary and historian have already helped exponentially, but the main reason why people were made officers was to take stress off the president and the vice president, so it’s going to be less stressful from now on,” said the sophomore GSA Vice President, Beth Fleming.

Adam, Aiyana, and AJ, students elected as Keepers, are meant to act as a sort of safe place for the students.

“I wanted to be a keeper because I knew the struggle of having religious parents or people who would not accept you for who you are,” AJ said.

GSA is a home for members, and Keepers are dedicated to hearing out anyone who needs it

“I wanted to push myself out there and help people,” Aj said. 

To keep up with new members Secretary freshman Max Nelms writes down what happens in each meeting. 

“I wanted to give back, I feel very accepted and I have gone through so many changes with my identity here, and everyone has been like ‘cool we’re going with this’, so that’s why I thought I could give back,” Nelms said.

The GSA, with its new officers, looks to expand its reach to the Rowlett community. 

While not officialy associated with the school, on April 22 some members of GSA will be participating in the day silence, an event where people choose to remain silent for a day to bring awareness to the queer comunity; who for many decades did not have a voice.

The participants are not limited to just members of the community, ask President River, Vice President Beth Fleming, or the teacher sponsor Mrs. Spears for more information.