Yell for Yale

When good news broke, senior Kelly Long was in the RHS band hall with all of her friends.  A life changing email that Long opened congratulated her on the offer to attend Yale University with a full ride academic scholarship.

Long said, “People were looking at us like we were crazy because we were screaming and jumping everywhere.  I was so excited.” She has received other scholar program offers but Yale was her first choice.  “Something that is different is that  Yale put’s a much greater emphasis on a balanced education instead of just only pushing STEM, and I want to major in STEM but I like how Yale pours money into maintaining the humanities and the fine arts.”

Yale is one of eight Ivy League schools in the U.S.  Her desire is to major in biology or bio-chemistry and then attend medical school or physician assistant school.

Throughout her high school career, her greatest supporter has been her mom, attending every band event.  Long expressed that over the past four years, her band teacher, Mr. Ruangtip, has been one of the biggest influences in her life, teaching leadership skills and what it is to be a leader.   “Mr. Sellers is probably my favorite assistant principal because he has been super supportive in encouraging me to apply for colleges and has been that guy that kind of checks on you about meeting deadlines.”

Long also said that all of her teachers have aided in her academic success. “Particularly  my retired AP biology teacher, Ms. Myers, really pushed me outside my limits and made me want to study biology.  She thanks her counselor Ms. Fields  for writing the recommendation letter to Yale.

“Success is whatever gets you to where you want to go because everyone has a different definition or goal,” said Long.  “Personally, success for me would be being able to provide for my mom and dad because they always done that for me and never got the opportunities that I got so I want to make the most of that.”