The Confession Booth: Living Frankenstein

Full of outcries, The Confession Booth is a continuous out pour of confessions from the eagles. There’s a catch: no one knows who’s who. Who is the real life Frankenstein, and how many times did she escape the hands of death? Is it your friend, your lover, your teacher, or your siblings? Who knows? Not you! To avoid any altercations and to retain peace, the identities of all people included in The Confession Booth will remain anonymous.

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The Faces Behind
February 20, 2024

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“I earned 3,000 stitches,” said the real life Frankenstein.

Her struggle had begun with her own premature birth.

“My foot was caught in the umbilical cord, and I lost all circulation.”

Although she was new to life, it was already full of unbelievable stories. The day before her ninth birthday, she was on her way to summer school.

“On Miller Road, a car got distracted and swerved into our lane and hit us,” Frankenstein said. “My mom broke her neck, and my sister had a crushed scull. A helicopter came to rescue us. My sister passed away in a care flight later on, and I had five concussions and a piece of metal come through my chest.”

As a high-school student, she worked in construction with her dad. Working with her partner one day, a slip left her with stitches.

“My partner was cutting with the blade, and I was holding the sheet rock. He ended up cutting too far into my hand.”

Frankenstein was rushed to the hospital.

“That one actually hurt. They had extra shots just to numb it.”

 Though the creation of life can be a beautiful thing, events of unfortunate circumstances continue.

“I was toxemic when I gave birth to them (twins),” said Frankenstein. “I was bleeding out and needed a transfusion.”

Even after the birth, Frankenstein had to remain in the hospital for nineteen days, almost dying twice in the meantime.

“I had to have seven surgeries after having them, but after the third surgery my intestines ruptured.”

Recounting on her life, Frankenstein isn’t afraid.

“I felt like Frankenstein. I’m not afraid. The hospital feels like a home away from home.”

Despite everything, Frankenstein continues to thrive.

“Keep your chin up, if they can stitch Frankenstein back together, you’ll be fine.”