Virtually Together


Vivian Huynhcong, Staff Writer

While everyone stays indoors, people turn to another source of entertainment, video games.

Staying connected through video games opened a new dimension of entertainment for groups of students during quarantine, whether it was finding resources to build a house with friends in Minecraft, or going in circles trying to catch the imposter in Among Us.

¨Video games provided entertainment that we couldn’t get elsewhere,¨ sophomore Alex Pham said.

However, other students implied that gaming can also be used as a distraction from the chaos that had reckoned during the peak of the pandemic.

¨Gaming is something that people use as an escape from stress and reality,¨ junior Christian Ruiz said.

Even so, associating with others despite the physical barriers had definitely led to a fast progression in the video game industry.

¨The demand in the product had risen during the pandemic since a lot of people look towards video games,¨ junior Nick Butcher said.

As the virus begins to slowly wind down, it is with much assurance that video games have played a role to keep us occupied and relaxed.

¨For my family, it helped bring us together since we played every night cause we couldn’t do anything,¨ junior Briana Gonzalez said