Summer is Coming

Looking forward to the warmer months ahead, students share favorite times from past summers.


Natalie Horting, Staff Writer

The Best Week. Preparing to zipline, junior Kendall Ganster is at summer camp with her church youth group. They go for one week every summer in New Mexico. “My favorite thing about camp is getting to meet new people and to grow my relationship with the Lord,” Ganster said.


Hitting the Waves. Surfing away on Lake Lavon, Kendall has a great time with her friends from church. Her friends take her out on their boat all through the summer. “It’s super fun how it’s on a lake and not the ocean, because I’m very scared of sharks,” Ganster said. “So, I’m glad I can get the experience while not risking my life.”
Rubbing off the Paint. In the nice summer weather, senior Preston Goodman and his stepdad repaint his truck with a different texture while keeping the same color. “Seeing the finished product was the best. Just getting all of the old paint off, gave me a feeling of accomplishment,” Goodman said.
Away From City Lights. In Taos, New Mexico sophomore Breanna Bentley enjoys the scenery and hanging out with a friend. It was a Father/Daughter trip with her dad, his friends and their daughter. “I like that I get away from the city, take time to relax and explore new,” Bentley said.
Sailing in the Sunset. Watching the sun set, senior Trent Turek spends his summer kayaking on the lake with his friends. It is a workout for them and they usually stay on the lake for a couple of hours. “It is very calming and I enjoy my time on the lake with my friends,” Turek said.