A Golden Victory


Aiyana Newcomb, Staff Writer

On April 29, 13 students left to compete at VASE, the Visual Arts Scholastic Events; 150 Gold Seals were awarded with five going to Rowlett’s very own Danna Nguyen (12), Audrey Lawrence (10), Mya Jones (11), Makayla Gonzales (11), and Abby Cobb (11). 

Along with the hard work that went into winning a Gold Seal award, the participants made sure to also enjoy themselves. 

“My favorite part about VASE was seeing all the other art high schools have, because it was kinda crazy to think every single thing there was made by a high schooler, “ junior Abby Cobb said. 

VASE provided a way to test your artistic skills on a state level, each artwork having to compete with 13,000 others. 

“When I first heard of VASE I knew I wanted to enter because I wanted a challenge,” Cobb said. 

After arriving at the competition the more popular exhibit by far was the smaller more elite group of art pieces that won a Gold Seal.

I wanted to see what the people who walked on stage with me did and my “competition” for next year,” junior Mya Jones said

Whether or not you get a Gold Seal, VASE is a fun event for everyone involved. 

“Making new friends and getting more inspiration from other artists in my division (was my favorite part),“ Jones said. 

A total of 31,000 artworks from across Texas high schools were submitted. Only eight Gold Seals were awarded in this region with five coming home to RHS. It’s a prideful moment.