Passing the Torch

“It’s like the final send off,” said Senior Amaya Green.

On May 13th, The band had their banquet in the cafeteria, which involved a traditional candle light ceremony. 

“When you’re the one lighting the candle it’s you who is passing down the torch to the next set of kids and it gives you a sense of pride and compassion for these students who will be leading the band next year,” said Senior Gabe Ramlall.

Traditionally junior and senior band members participate in the lighting ceremony. Seniors typically get asked by a Junior to light their candle as a symbolic passing of the torch to the younger band members.

“It felt great to be asked to light someone else’s candle and it filled me with joy that someone looked to me specifically to light their candle,” said Ramlall.

Band members spend the whole year practicing and preparing for shows, and during these times they form strong relationships with their fellow band members.

 “The fact that I was able to see the people who helped shape me into me be able to pass down the titles and responsibilities was really meaningful,” said Junior Hayden Shephard. 

The candle light ceremony can be a very emotional experience for band members.

“Everyone was crying, that was funny. I felt hopeful,” said Junior Caleb Friesen.